Wooden Block
Wooden Block
Block Type Block
Weight 0.5
Length 1 block
Width 1 block
Height 2 blocks
Destructible Yes
Interactive No
Version Introduced Alpha 0.01

The most basic building block, twice the size of the Small Wooden Block. Other parts can be attached to it from any side, making it especially useful for building the basic underlying structure machines. However, it is quite fragile and will break when bashed, pressed or pulled too hard, set ablaze, or hit with arrows. Thus, if durability is a priority, one should cover them with armor to deflect damage and use braces and suspensions to ensure the machine stays intact.

Useful NotesEdit

  • Wooden blocks can take two arrow hits before breaking on the third, after which it will snap in half.
  • A Wooden Block is lighter than 2 Small Wooden Blocks, and only counts as 1 object for counting purposes.
  • Can be placed in a gap between any two other blocks to basically weld them together:
Wooden Block Weld
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