Winch and Simple Rope
Block Type Mechanical
Size Varies
Explosive No
Destructible Yes
Interactive Yes
Variations Contractible Spring

The Winch and Simple Rope is a formerly hidden blocks recently made available in v0.11 and is placed in the same manner as Brace and Contractible Spring.

Function Edit

The winch is a tool to create functioning cranes and mechanical muscle if assisted with contractible springs. The rope has no structural integrity so it will not retract back if not supported by an anchor object.

Unlike the brace and the spring, the winch is capable of transferring fire across it's length and might be used to ignite blocks from afar by using a Harpoon

The rope itself is very fragile and snaps easily after certain tension or contacts with the following object: Metal Blade, Spike Ball, Spikes, Circular Saw, Propellers, Wings.

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