Village of Diom
Village of Diom
Basic info
Island Tolbrynd
Zone 23
Objective Destroy 90% of the village
Version Added v0.1

The Village of Diom is the eighth level in Tolbrynd and features a lot of buildings and creatures that the player can destroy and kill.

Objective Edit

The objective is to destroy a lot of objects including Farmhouses, Shop Stalls, Windmills, and other livestock including Rams and Chickens.

You can use the same machine from the previous level, but it is recommended to modify the machine to withstand a large amount of frontal damage, as some of the structures in Tolbrynd are fairly tough.

Easter Egg Edit

Legend of Zelda Easter Eggs

Destroying pots in this stage occasionally causes a gem and a familiar sound to appear. This is a reference to The Legend of Zelda series, where the player may find some "Rupees" in most the pots. The pot's texture also looks like the one from The Legend of Zelda.

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