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Basic Information Edit

The island of Valfross is the third island in the game after Tolbrynd.

Campaign Edit

The story begins right after the siege of Tolbrynd, with the player trying to reach his destination against a strong wind. Valfross is known to be the island of ice while Tolbrynd is the island of wind.

Stages Edit

35 The Frozen Path Edit

Description and Obstacles: Flat terrain consisting of large frozen rock formations, frozen human soldiers, and high speed winds.

Goal: Create a vehicle that has enough speed and weight to fight against the wind in order to move to the finish point.

Other notes: Do not underestimate the wind, it is extremely powerful and can even be compared to the upward winds found in the old Sandbox

Tip: Try using heavy objects to weigh down your vehicle, such as ballasts, or use propellers in an inverted way.

36 The Awakening Bells Edit

Description and Obstacles: Flat terrain and a large stone brick infrastructure that has 3 bells dangling on it

Goal: Create a machinery that can ring the bells.

Other notes: Although the game's goal says "Ring Bells Together", they don't need to be rang at precisely the same time, though they must all be rang within a few seconds.

37 Peculiar Clearing Edit

Description and Obstacles: Flat terrain and a few pillars and a horizontally placed crank.

Goal: Create a machinery to move the crank in a clockwise manner

Other notes: When moving the crank, one can see the small pillars in the center of the stage will gradually rise.

38 The Martyr Knights Edit

Description and Obstacles: Flat terrain. A few camp infrastructures can be seen. The most important obstacle, or enemy, is the new human army

Goal: Kill 90% of the army. (It's what we Besiege builders do best, isn't it?)

Other notes: Valfross soldiers are heavily armored and fire resistant. If you try to mow them down like Ipsilonians they'll just get back up and hack you to bits. Their axe-throwers do great damage at a distance as well.

39 Ordyce Lode Edit

Description and Obstacles: Several rocky piles littered with ore carts, tracks, wooden shacks and frames.

Goal: Find and steal 3 pieces of gold ore.

Other notes: Use the drills to destroy some of the stone mountains to find more gold ore in them.

40 Penitent Tower Edit

Description and Obstacles: Several large stone towers, columns, and a statue, some on flat terrain, some not. Axe throwers will harass you from the ground and several towers.

Goal: Destroy all structures.