Basic Information Edit

The island of Valfross is the third island in the game after Tolbrynd and currently only has 4 levels

Campaign Edit

The story begins right after the siege of Tolbrynd with the player trying to reach his destination against a strong wind. Valfross is known to be the island of ice while Tolbrynd is the island of wind.

Stages Edit

Currently only has 4 stages

35 The Frozen Path Edit

Description and Obstacles: Flat terrain consisting of large frozen rock formations, frozen human soldiers, and high speed winds.

Goal: Create a vehicle that has enough speed and weight to fight against the wind in order to move to the finish point.

Other notes: Do not underestimate the wind, it is extremely powerful and can even be compared to the upward winds found in the old Sandbox

Tip: Try using heavy objects to weigh down your vehicle, such as ballasts

36 The Awakening Bells Edit

Description and Obstacles: Flat terrain and a large stone brick infrastructure that has 3 bells dangling on it

Goal: Create a machinery that can ring the bells.

Other notes: Although the game's goal says "Ring Bells Together", it may not be taken seriously as it is a possibility to finish the level without ringing the bells at the same time*

  • - This information might be false. Tests are needed before removing/retaining this information.

37 Peculiar Clearing Edit

Description and Obstacles: Flat terrain and a few pillars and a horizontally placed crank.

Goal: Create a machinery to move the crank in a clockwise manner

Other notes: When moving the crank, one can see the small pillars in the center of the stage will gradually rise.

38 The Martyr Knights Edit

Description and Obstacles: Flat terrain. A few camp infrastructures can be seen. The most important obstacle, or enemy, is the new human army

Goal: Kill 90% of the army. (It's what we Besiege builders do best, isn't it?)

Other notes: The army, now with improved A.I., will not automatically die after falling. Each person will get up unless blood splatters from his/her body. This, accompanied by better defense, makes it harder to knock down an individual soldier. Another warning is that the archers are replaced by axe-throwers, they will do significant damage to your vehicle if left unprotected and immobile.

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