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  • Spirits of nature

     Have you ever thought like, you can make your banner by yourself, rather than making certain person do it for you,
    Well here's a guide that can teach you to make your own goddamn banner

    It's easy and would only takes you between 10 to 20 minutes

    Follow this preparation steps first

    1.Start by downloading the empty banner in the attachment below

    2.Then download the image you want from as the second image HINT: Try downloading a silhouette, it will be easier to modify
    Like this Poop emoji for example

    3.Open your image editing application, Since i'm too poor to buy photoshop, i'll recommend this free photoshopping site (Pixlr)

    Now that you have all of the ingredient and tools, let's start with the recipe.... i mean procedure.

    1. Chose File > Then open an…

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  • Spirits of nature

    Not to confuse please not that war machine is designed to kill units like archer or foomen. while the siege engine is designed to wrecks structure. for example

    • Turret
    • Mechs
    • Chaos Engine

    • Catapult
    • Trebuchet
    • Mortar
    • Ram
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  • Spirits of nature

    I kinda like giving this nice game a nice nicknames, i have alot of free times here!

    • Michael Bay Simulator
    • Legos for Psychos
    • Almost Historically Accurate
    • Middle-Aged European Simulator
    • What I Want In Dark Souls
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