Tolbrynd v0.23

Basic Information Edit

Tolbrynd Island is the second island in the Besiege campaign. It was added in the v0.08 minor update and contains 18 playable zones.

Campaign Edit

The story begin after the siege of Ipsilon in some sort of greeting from Duke Aras with carts of gold and Knights parading with songs.

Stages Edit

16 Duke's Plea Edit

It's the first level to allow alternative way to destroy the castle.

17 Southern Shrine Edit

This is the level that contain birds that are required to be slaughtered.

18 Scouts of Tolbrynd Edit

The first aerial stages to start at a high altitude. Forces the player to learn how to build a flying machine.

19 The Duke's Prototypes Edit

This level introduce the new enemies named the duke's prototype that can explode and damage the player's machines.

20 Duke's Dear Freighter Edit

A level that contains four flying freighters that need to be destroyed.

21 Grand Crystal Edit

The largest monument in Tolbrynd, contains a massive amount of cultists doing a ritual. Requires the player to steal a large crystal.

22 Farmer Gascoigne Edit

The first harvesting stage where player has to destroy as many crops as they can. Gives the first introduction to destructive melee units.

23 Village of Diom Edit

An advanced destruction stage that contain many resident structures.

24 Midlands Patrol Edit

A very dangerous and hostile zone that contains a numbers of duke's soldier that know how to use their weapons.

25 Valley of the Wind Edit

The second monument challenge that contain a tornado hazards that can launch the player machines up high

26 Odd Contraption Edit

The minimalist stage with no hints on what to do, allowing the player to experiment with the puzzle

27 Diom Well Edit

A Delivery stage where player is required to drop poison jars into the well that is located in the centre of the stage.

28 Surrounded Edit

As the name says the player is being surrounded by a bunch of shrapnel cannons.

29 Sacred Flame Edit

The stage is similar to other monument challenge, but this time the player is required to extinguish a brazier located on top of the monument.

30 Argus Ground Edit

This stage contain a giant sword that is required to be stolen by the player. The sword is known to contain a magical power.

31 The Duke's Knowlege Edit

This stage contains a large metal box with a large book inside of it, the player must open the box and steal the book inside of it.

32 The Venerated Heart Edit

The stage has a large box mechanism containing a large bluish white diamond inside possibly called The Venerated Heart surrounded by Priests, the player must open the box by activating two pressure plates and stealing the diamond.

33 Shattered Field Edit

As the name says the player is in a field covered with a lot of shards including The Great Shard, which is a large floating electrical shard that the player must steal.

34 Aras' Refuge Edit

The final level of Tolbrynd, The player must destroy a clock tower on a large floating island chained to the ground with multiple large chains surrounded by many defenses and freighters and all whats left with Duke Aras' Army which consists of the garrison and a bunch of Halberdiers. It is unknown if Duke Aras dies when the player destroys the tower.

Easter Eggs Edit

  • The 5th stage Duke's Dear Freighter is a straight name play reference toward Dark Souls II Main Boss: Duke's Dear Freja.
  • The 6th stage is named Farmer Gascoigne is yet another name play of a boss Father Gascoigne from Bloodborne.
  • The 7th stage contain a reference to the Legend Of Zelda series, where the pots may sometimes release a gem (rupee), which is the primary currency throughout the series.
  • The 14th and 15th stage continuously contain a blue flame and a magical sword. there is happen to be a magical sword in Dark Souls II called blue flame
  • The 15th stage contain a crescent moon that can actually be bumped to, since it is actually a flat sprite.
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