The Queen's Fodder
Queen's Fodder
Basic info
Island Ipsilon
Zone 5
Objective Kill 90% of all enemies
Version Added v0.01
Special Features a large amount of soldiers.

The fifth stage of Ipsilon. This stage requires you to destroy 90% of Queen Wynnfrith's army of cannon fodder. The army is 120 units large with 108 knights and 12 Marksmen.

Objective Edit

This stage requires the player to build a vehicle capable of killing units. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways as the units are very fragile, requiring only a minor amount of force to be killed. Regardless, the player also has a large arsenal of weapons at their disposal.

The only real threat are the Marksmen, who will fire arrows at your vehicle, destroying it if it is unprotected. The knights cannot directly attack your vehicle, however their corpses act as an obstacle, and can render vehicles immobile when trying to traverse over them.

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