The Duke's Prototypes
The Dukes Prototypes
Basic info
Island Tolbrynd
Zone Zone 19
Objective Reach 3 Insignias
Version Added v0.08
Special This is the first level with Duke's Prototypes (opponents).

The Duke's Prototypes is the fourth level on Tolbrynd. It is the first level with the Duke's Prototypes as opponents.

Objective Edit

The objective is to reach the 3 Insignias. There is no necessary order. The easiest way to complete it is to use a flying machine, or using a heavy, explosive proof vehicle.

The main target is to either to withstand the explosive or to avoid the explosive.

Tactics Edit

  • Duke's prototypes are easily attracted to your vehicle, to prevent them from accessing the poorly armored sides of your machine, make attempts to kill them from long ranges or push them away as they come closer.

Trivia Edit

  • The duke's prototype are the result of the duke aras's experiments on the tolbrynd's local fauna. It can be posted out as how the duke tries to collect as may rams as he can with his freighters.
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