Block Type Mechanical
Weight 0.5
Size 2x1x1
Explosive No
Destructible Yes
Interactive No
Variations Piston
Version Introduced v0.01

The Suspension block's primary use is as a shock absorber, and is useful for bearing heavy weights, absorbing blows from other moving parts, and generally making machines less stiff. It's 2x1 in size, but when bearing enough weight it can compress to 1x1 in size, similar to the Piston, but in reverse. It cannot be directly controlled, although the amount of tension in its spring can be adjusted- the higher the number, the more force it takes for the spring to fully compress and thus the more weight it can bear.

When building vehicles, it is highly advisable to suspend all wheels using this block, as a working suspension greatly decreases stress on the vehicles structure. "Off-road" capabilities of the vehicle will also be improved when driving over scattered debris.


Key Mapper/Parameter Tuning Tool allows user to adjust the spring

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