Steering Hinge
Block Type Locomotion
Length 1 block
Width 1 block
Height 1 block
Destructible No
Interactive Yes
Version Introduced v0.01

The Steering Hinge can be used to swing blocks along a single axis. This axis is indicated by the red arrow as shown. The axis can be inverted through 180 degrees (ie. reversed) with the [F] key. The default keys for the Steering Hinge are the left and right arrow keys. Careful use is recommended since the Steering Hinge will attempt to travel a full 360 degrees of motion which can cause unintended damage to your siege structure: the rotating basis of the hinge will not collide with other pieces, but the blocks that are affixed to this basis will, and should excessive tension apply to them, they will snap (sometimes explosively so). A safe approach to this problem is to only use braces to remotely stick pieces onto the rotating basis of the hinge, as braces will neither collide with the other pieces.

Please note that moving parts may also collide with other structural elements in your siege engine and as such, care should be taken to allow the space required. As well as being used for steering they can be used for aiming cannons or altering the angle of attack on your flying contraptions.

Advanced uses: Edit

Steering hinges have a number of exploitable aspects: first of all, their torque is tremendous and makes them able to lift things as heavy as an ore boulder even at a significant leverage distance.

At their highest speed setting they can turn this torque into more than enough momentum to serve as the propelling element of catapults and trebuchets, given sufficient leverage.

Because the rotating base of the hinge will not collide with other pieces and travel all the way around, the hinges can make for a reduced size, strong walking leg for a machine to hop around.

Lastly, this tremendous torque can also force pieces affixed on the hinge into other pieces up to the breaking point, where they will be propelled the other way with high speed, making it possible to exploit this effect into ballista-type of projectile weapons (though one-shot only).

Steering Hinge

Key Mapper/Parameter Tuning Tool allows user to adjust the steering hinge direction and rotation speed

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