The Steering Hinge can be used to swing blocks along an axis perpendicular to the placement axis.

The direction of rotation is indicated by the red arrow as shown. The axis can be reversed in the editor by pressing [F] while hovering over it.

Its rotation angle is limited in the parameter tuner. The angles are given as an absolute value where zero is the default position. This mechanic can be disabled and the hinge will be able to rotate full 360 degrees.

The "hinge" part has no collision.

Basic Information Edit

Steering hinges are used to angle any assembly attached on top of it. By attaching a wheel on top of a steering hinge you can make a steering wheel.

Parameter Tuning Edit

Parameter Default Value Range
Left [Left] Keys
Right [Right] Keys
Rotation Speed x1.00 x0.00 - x2.00
Limit Angle True Boolean
Min x40.00 x0.00 - x180.00
Max x40.00 x0.00 - x180.00
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