Standing Stone
Standing Stone
Basic info
Island Ipsilon
Zone 7
Objective Destroy the monument
Version Added v0.01
Special The monument can ignite nearby blocks
Standing Stone is the first level in which an enemy can light you on fire and the first time the player encounter an enhanced monument, the other monuments are the Lyre and the Southern Shrine.

Objective Edit

The objective is to destroy the monument. Note that one is required to be wary of such ability in a way that the monument sets the ignitable blocks on fire.

Strategy Edit

  • The Monument always pick the nearest ignitable blocks, one's should either retreat to a safe distance or simply build the machines out of heavy blocks, or ballast to be exact.
  • The monument is slightly elevated so the right siege machines to use would be the trebuchet, catapult, or any weapon that allows elevation adjustment for the projectiles. A ballista would work but the explosion wouldn't hit the monument directly
    Standing Stone

    The statue firing it's laser

  • The statue always generate blue veins around it's body before firing its laser
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