Wooden Slider
Block Type Mechanical
Length 1 - 2 blocks
Width 1 block
Height 1 block
Destructible Yes
Interactive No
Version Introduced Alpha 0.04

The Slider is a block that moves along a short stationary pair of rails similar to Piston, But unlike a Piston, it does not produce any force, nor does it offer resistance like a Suspension block. Instead it passively extends and contracts as forces are applied to it. The simplest example of this would be placing a Slider on the bottom of a block and allowing it to extend downwards due to gravity.

Function Edit

This Slider is unique and can be made in many engines like

  • Paradox Engine
  • Advanced Helicopter Propeller
  • Spinning weapon Arm base
  • Variable-length cranks for walking machines

Tips Edit

  • Sliders are often connected to Piston or Suspension blocks along their sides to stabilize their movement.
  • The slider will automatically extend when centripetal force applied.
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