Scouts of Tolbrynd is the third level on Tolbrynd, and it is the first and up to now the only level which is only conquerable with a flying machine, and its the second level with flying opponents (the first was the Southern Shrine).

Objective Edit

The objective is to destroy 2 of the 7 Scout Balloons.

Strategy Edit

The level can be tricky since the player has to start learning on building a flying machine.

This level can be easily competed with a balloon-type vehicle and some patience, remember to make sure that the buoyancy is applied symmetrically. Read the weight guide for more info.

This level can also be beaten by making a turret/cannon type contraption that can rotate left and right. and wield a projectile weapon attached to any mechanism that rotates something upwards and down. Along with the use of the pin block to keep the contraption stationary in the sky.

In turn, allowing aiming left right and up and down, this is the best alternative to making a aerodynamic/flight based siege engine.

Lore Edit

The Scouts of Tolbrynd are one of the duke's expansions toward the air territory. The birds that are flying around the place are the same species from the southern shrine.

Trivia Edit

This level is beatable without any flying mechanism by using Wha Mi's "Pandora's Box", but this box is very difficult to build by yourself.

Related achievementsEdit

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