Class creature
Destructible Yes
Special Prototype Detonation

Rams (or Yaks, as called by some people) are the livestocks inhabiting the isle of Tolbrynd. These creature is bulkier and a little bit tougher than the sheep flock from Ipsilon. It has a weaponised variation called "Duke's Prototype". They are seen being carried in wooden cages by Cargo Freighters.

Encounters Edit

Duke's Prototype Edit

The Duke's Prototype is one of the manifestation of Duke Aras' strange fascination with the local fauna. It's capable of executing kamikaze when it senses a machine in its vicinity. It serves an environmental hazard.

Strategy Edit

Suicide Rams can be easily defeated by attaching a long arm of pistons (or a bomb-proof block attached via a long brace) to the front of the machine, and then poking them from afar, as they are extremely sensitive to impacts. The slightest tap can make them explode. Still, they can be threatening when placed in unexpected locations.

Encounters Edit

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