Powered Cog
Besiege 02 17 2015 01 43 28
Default Key Locomotion
Weight 0.5
Explosive No
Destructible No
Interactive Yes
Variations Unpowered Cog
Version Introduced v0.03

The Powered Cog is a rotating, key-mappable block that can be used to create gear assemblies. Though superficially similar to a wheel, it can be paired with one or more Unpowered Cogs to create complex mechanisms by transferring the motion of the Powered Gear to other areas of your creation. You can even place cogs at different angles to rotate the axis of motion, or place pairs of cogs to effectively "double" the movement generated by a single Powered Cog. You can place blocks on top of cogs, allowing them to rotate at the same speed.

Powered Cog

Key Mapper/Parameter Tuning Tool allows user to adjust cog direction and rotation speed

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