Wiki Planning Edit

Because a wiki is always under constant construction, it might be useful to put together a plan that lays out which pages should be created, what tests need to be performed, and media that should be included. Below is a basic framework, please make adjustments and comment where necessary, this is a community project so be respectful of opinions and ideas.

Main PageEdit

This page should serve as an introduction and hub for connecting the other sections. News about updates, community information ect. should be presented to the reader in a concise manner. 

Main page slide should include features for: 

  1. The Page about Besiege (Irreplaceable) 
  2. Recent Major update 
  3. Newest Island 
  4. Well Written guide to explain a new feature 

Main page should use links to provided in attractive icons: (see the ARK Gamepedia wiki or Caves of Qud wiki which I am also working on for basic visualization on what I'm going for)

  • Version History: Page that lists the game updates and changes as they're added
  • Isles: Lists the available islands
    • Contain Island Name including it's basic info
    • Contain List of every available Stages in the Island
  • Game Environment: About the environments in the game
    • Describes buildings, creatures, terrain, hazards and the like encountered through gameplay
  • Build/Play Menu: Generally the UI/Interface guide
    • Includes information about the different options within the build menu, but not every single block. Include Play menu that deals with interactive elements when you hit the "Play" button: Time scale, destruction and machine transformations.
  • Blocks: Page that lists all the blocks
    • Correspond to the block categories. Each block should have an explaination of their physical properties and a picture. Each block does not need its own wiki page unless the explaination warants excessive elaboration. (See Build Basics page for relevant block information).
  • Build Basics: Guide links on the introductory guides written on this wiki
    • Explains to the beginning user some rules of thumb and basic techniques for construction. Includes subsections on ground mobility, flight, and weaponisation. 
    • Basic Building Technique: Contain simple information on building an easily common combination of machine parts. 
  • Advanced Building Techniques and Glitches: This should all be a single page that consists of a comprehensive list of all of the possibilities, whether they have a utility or not
    • Page about Engines is important since it is the most interesting and coincidentally the most trafficked article in this wiki