Block Type Mechanical
Default Key H = Extend
Weight 0.5
Size 1x1x1 to 2x1x1
Explosive No
Destructible Yes
Interactive Yes
Variations Suspension
Version Introduced v0.01

The piston is a block with the size of 1 block, but it can extend to the size of 2 blocks. It can be set to extend for as long as its key is pressed, or to toggle between extension and contraction with every key press.

Combined with Steering Hinges the Piston makes it easy to build legs for walking vehicles. At the highest speed setting, a line of pistons angled right is strong and fast enough to launch a Bomb a significant distance.

You can also use Pistons to make a machine capable of Jumping.


Key Mapper/Parameter Tuning Tool allows user to adjust piston speed

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