Perimeter Wall
Perimeter Wall
Basic info
Island Ipsilon
Zone 4
Objective Destroy two buildings
Version Added v0.01

The fourth stage of Ipsilon. This stage introduces walls that can only be destroyed with explosives such as the bomb. It also introduces Marksmen, who can periodically fire arrows at your vehicle.

Objective Edit

The objective of this stage is to destroy the two buildings located behind the wall. Six marksmen stand on top of the wall, which can swiftly destroy any unarmored vehicle that cannot avoid the arrows.

There are various ways this stage can be completed:

  1. Fire a Cannon at the bomb laying beside the wall and go through it and ram the structures.
  2. As it is not required to destroy the wall, one can simply drive around the wall, destroying the two structures while avoiding the arrows.
  3. Snipe the structure from afar with a Turret or Siege Engine.
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