Parasitic Construction are vehicles capable of taking control on in-game machines like the Duke's Freighter. These machine will attach to the object it want to assume control of and made it to move against its will and sometime taking advantage of its AI to utilise its weapon such as:

  • The Duke's Freighter's Cannon
  • The Enemy Cannon
  • The Standing Stone's Laser

Duke's Freighter Parasite Edit

This is an example of a common parasite capable of taking control the duke's freighter.

How to build

  1. Move the base block on either end of the Freighter and rotate the block so it's on a straight line with the freighter.
  2. Put a Grabber under the base block and make sure it directly attach the Host.
  3. Add three Aerial Propeller one Front and Left/Right side of the base block and key it depend of the preferred control.
Parasite's ability to control

The parasite using it's Ability and forced the Freighter to Collide

  1. Try adding another blocks at its back and its sides and add propeller to increase its acceleration and ability to move backward.
  2. The Parasite can be weaponised, but a heavy augmentation can cause the vehicle to fall of or rips apart itself.
  3. Put a steerable cannons on its centrepiece as its weapon, it's really fun to have turrets.


  • Be wary of the duke's Prototype as they can attack any blocks in proximity or upon collision.
  • Making the augments too heavy can wobble down the vehicle and allow the Prototypes attack the freighter easily.
  • The freighter cannon go lower and it will always come back to its vertical position.

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