Metal Spike
Metal Spike
Block Type Weaponry
Weight 0.3
Destructible No
Interactive No
Version Introduced Alpha 0.01

The Metal Spike is a weapon used either to kill sheep or soldiers, or to destroy wooden buildings.

Function Edit

Unless you wanted your machine to look menacing, the metal spike is outperformed by the Drill block, since additional force is required to actually pierce enemies, and the Blade Block has better reach than the metal spike.

Possible Uses:

  • A smaller variation of a Metal Blade
  • Sharp teeth like machine parts or large spike wall traps due to its slender body.

Note: Spikes still have normal amounts of friction.

The spike is also similar to the Wooden Pole and the Metal Blade

Metal Blade-0
Wooden Pole-0

Jan 14, 2017, texture updated to a more "diamond" appearance

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