Metal Plate
Metal Plates
Block Type Armour
Weight 0.25 or 0.5
Length 4 or 5 blocks
Width 5block
Height 3block

Metal Plates are used to protect your creation from enemy attacks. There are three varieties: a 1x1 square plate, a 1x2 rectangular plate, and a 1x1 roundish plate.

Function Edit

As said above, metal plates are used for machine protection. However, it can only protect the weak, wooden structures underneath for so much due to the corner gaps it is unable to fill up with.

Because of this, they can be troubling whenever a player is deciding how many or where to place the metal plate for maximum protection.

An alternate use for metal plates would be for aesthetics. Here are some ideas:

  • Round metal plates
    • Vehicle hatches
    • Metal wheels
  • Rectangular metal plates
    • License plates for cars
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