Class Creature
Destructible Yes
Special Damage Wheels

The Swordsman is one of the first enemies introduced in the first iteration of the game, along with the marksman.

The Swordsman is similar to the footmen in appearance and strengths, but can be distinguished by their weapon, as the swordsmen wield swords while the footmen wield spears. Most soldiers act as a troop leader and are placed in the front line. The most they can do against your machine is slow it down in large crowds and there bodies can get stuck in the wheels or cogs of your contraption. Since the Multiverse update, they can now deal damage, though are still quite ineffective because of their low durability.

Sometimes, players can see that there are strange patterns on the Swordsman. However, this is not a strange pattern. It is merely the reflection of the swordsman. This can be evidenced by stopping the simulation and watch the sword as if it's a mirror. As of around the Multiverse update, however, this sword texture seems to have been removed.

Trivia Edit

  • With the new updates from the multiverse, swordmen can attack.

Appearances Edit