Red Edit

  1. Play - Used to switch from build mode to play mode.
  2. Time Scale - Speeds up time during play mode.

Blue Edit

  1. Save - Save your current machine for use later.
  2. Load - Load a machine that you have saved.
  3. Undo - Undo your last change.
  4. Redo - Redo your last undo.

Green Edit

  1. Translate Machine - Move your machine around as a whole.
  2. Rotate Machine - Rotate your machine as a whole.
  3. Set Machine On Ground - Set the lowest parts of your machine on the ground.
  4. Erase Blocks - Used to erase individual parts.
  5. Block Options - Bring up a menu used to modify specific options for each part. Some parts have modifiable keybindings and/or parameters for how the part works.
  6. Destroy Machine - Delete your entire machine (does not delete it from the Load menu) .

Teal Edit

  1. View Machine Key Mapping - Display the individual keybindings for every part on your machine.
  2. Machine Info - Displays how many parts are used and where the center of mass of your machine is.
  3. Free Build Mode - Removes the bounding box so that you can create machines that are as big as you want.
  4. Controls List - View the default controls.

Purple Edit

  1. Reset Camera - Returns the camera to its default state.
  2. Settings - View the game settings.
  3. Home - Return to the main menu.

Yellow Edit

  1. Basic - View the basic parts.
  2. Blocks - View the blocks.
  3. Locomotion - View the locomotive parts
  4. Mechanical - View the mechanical parts.
  5. Weaponry - View the weaponry.
  6. Flight - View the flight parts.
  7. Armor - View the armor.

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