Block Type Mechanical
Default Key V = Detach
Weight 0.5
Explosive No
Destructible No
Interactive Yes
Version Introduced v0.01

As the name suggests, the Grabber is used to grab something. It will grab any object on contact and hold on to it. You can release an object with the detach key (default [V]). It is especially useful for transporting objects.

Function Edit

The grabber can attach to:

  • Creatures
  • Walls in Tolbrynd
  • Other Blocks

They can also be set to "Grab Static Items" where it can grab anything; even the floor! You can also set it to ONLY grab static items, where it can grab anything that a default grabber can't. This is useful when making vehicles that need to be anchored to the floor, such as cranes or stationary turrets.

You can even turn OFF auto grab, where it will grab anything it can grab if you press the its current Detach Button while touching something with it. The same Button to Detach will also be to Attach basically.

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