It is now possible to disable blocks' collision in editor, making this page obsolete.

How To Perform

The placement glitch

Propellers on a wheel.

The "Frame Rate Placement Glitch" (or what ever you want to call it) is a glitch performed to build something, even when the block appears red and says "intersection". It is performed by:

  1. Turning on all (graphical) settings, so your framerate will drop. When you will hover the block now, it will first appear "buildable" for a short time.
  2. Click to build really fast on the specific place. Eventually it will work.

As you can read, you have to drop your framerate, which can be hard when you have a powerful PC. It is still possible, but just harder.

It also must be noted that some things won't work, for example placing blocks in wheels.


You can use the glitch to, for example, place propellers on wheels (you have to build a block, attach propellers to block, delete block, place wheel) or to build blocks on places with springs/braces.

Explaining video