Explosive Cannon
Block Type Hybrid
Essential Part Cannon/Shrapnel Cannon
Hybriditor Any Ammunition
Explosive Varies
Version Introduced v0.10

Due to unintentional glitches cannon are capable of launching Bombs and other ammunition through its indirect force by taking advantage of the fact that bombs only explode on contact. These are the examples of what it looks like. The bomb has to be attached to a grabber so it doesn't fall off and must be released from grabber before launching. The launcher can be either the Cannon or Shrapnel Cannon. It is best to have the cannon and grabber configured to fire and release on the same key to prevent accidents.

The Explosive cannon itself doesn't need to use grabbers as long that it's touching the mouth of the cannon .

Note: The Crossbow cannot be used, as it explodes the bomb upon firing.

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