The Duke's Plea is the first stage in the Tolbrynd island. It will also introduce new brick physics that allow the use of the drill weapon on castle walls.

This stage includes the puzzle which requires the player to wreak havoc on land while being able to breach the castle wall (similar to w1s15). This level can be solved easily with the Drill weapon.

Objective Edit

The objective is to Kill all of the duke's parade knights.

  • There are 13 knights directly in front of the machine.
  • There are 3 knights each in three different towers, which is breakable by sufficient force, or at least by using the Drill.
  • Don't forget the last knight that is standing next to the gold pile.

Scenario Edit

The player is required to kill all of the duke's knights who appear to be presenting the player gold as a peace offering from Duke Aras.

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