Duke's Freighter
Class Vehicle
Destructible Yes
Special Flying

The Duke's Freighters are enemies that appear in the level Duke's Dear Freighters. They possess the ability to shoot cannons at the player. They also may be used by Parasites.

Variations Edit

Duke's Freighters currently have 2 different designs: The "Cannon Freighter" as shown on the right, and the "Cargo Freighter".

Cannon Freighters have 3 cannons on each side, each side having ammunition of about 4-5 shots. An entire side will fire if a block from the player's machine gets too close. The cannons themselves usually only push the player away. However, the cannons can pop balloons and may blow bombs on the player's machine put of place, causing them to explode.

Cargo Freighters, on the other hand, have no defense at all. They carry wooden cages containing 3-4 rams.