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Block Type Weaponry
Length 3
Width 1.5 (cone)
Height 2.5 (cone)
Explosive no
Destructible no
Interactive Yes
Variations Circular Saw
Version Introduced alpha v0.08

The Drill is a weapon added in the v0.08 update. It's a weapon block similar to the Circular Saw but with a longer reach.

Function Edit

The drill can kill any creature and break most obstacles in its way, so it's very useful as both for killing and demolition. It's a powerful weapon, capable of chewing through wooden structures with ease. It can also break through stone walls, but only the ones found on the isle of Tolbrynd.

Using Key mapping, you can turn off its automatic setting and use the up/down Arrow Keys to turn it (or keys of your choice). You can also change speed and set it to toggle mode.


  • Caution should be taken not to let the drill touch the ground, as it cannot be stopped and can throw the entire contraption off-course or simply break off partially due to its slightly uneven surface.
  • Drilling through castle walls should be done with care as well, as attacking the structure from below can send the upper portion of the castle plummeting down upon the contraption, risking damage and, in the case of the tallest tower in Duke's Plea, catching fire.
  • Like any other metallic object, the drill can set things on fire when heated.
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