Decimal Placement is an advanced building technique in which the user is able to place blocks offset tenths a block away from the normal block placement "grid". This is done by using Steering blocks, which have a length of approximately 1.1 blocks, to offset blocks placed on them. Because of the use of Steering blocks, Decimal Placement may be referenced by "Steering-Spacing".


Decimal Placement has a wide variety of uses, allowing for connections not previously possible even when using Half Placement.

It can also be used to make more compact designs while avoiding unwanted side connections with a shorter spacing than when using Half Placement. This is especially useful for wheel assemblies, sliders, missiles, etc.


The exact Steering length is between 1.095 and 1.1. It is an important fact to remember when trying to design complex machinery, as a line of ten steering blocks won't ever perfectly align back to the grid.


While countless people might have noticed the 1.1 length of Steering blocks, using it as an advanced building technique was unheard of until Nila wrote this page. The name comes directly from Half-Placement, obviously.

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