Block Type Weaponry
Default Key C (To fire)
Weight 1.5
Destructible No
Interactive Yes
Version Introduced Alpha 0.01

The cannon is a single-use weapon. Each cannon in a particular build will fire simultaneously unless bound to different keys. This allows the player to fire cannons individually, in salvos, or all at once. Since the update v0.05 cannons automatically fire when heated.

Object Description Edit

A cannon produces recoil when firing, pushing itself as well as attached structures in the direction opposite of the cannonball's trajectory. This effect can damage attached structures if not properly braced or otherwise engineered. Multiple cannons firing simultaneously on an improperly-constructed craft can potentially damage the structure.

On a lighter note, this recoil is strong enough that the canon will self-propel in the air on its own: when reversed it can be used as a rocket for propelling projectiles or even vehicles. 2 cannons firing simultaneously are enough to launch a Bomb to a useful distance, and 4 will launch it to the end of the battlefield easily.

Cannons, using mods, are often lengthened and extensively powered to gain a resemblance of the gun of a tank. Along with the use of pistons, users can create a good effect of gun recoil without damaging the structure of their vehicle.

Cannon Firing

Cannon Firing it's cannonball. note on it's recoil.

Function Edit

The cannon is the most functional weapon here and has may other uses rather than as a weapon such as

Simple Cannon Propelled Missile

An example of a Cannon-Missile

  • Self propelled bomb
  • Ineffective method of transportation
  • Its cannonball be reused and collected for scatter-shot artillery type war machines
  • A key component of the Cannon Engine
  • Some advanced construction like:
    • Gatling Guns
    • Railed Automatic machine gun
    • Missile Propeller
  • Some users had also used it to create the effect of a "shell". Essentially, people can create revolvers in game via the use of cannons.

Enemy Cannon Edit

Enemy Cannon

Note that this cannon Has Different Pattern and a pair of Wheels attached

Enemy cannons are also occasionally encountered. They will track and fire at the player's siege engine and can fire indefinitely unlike the player's cannons. Enemy cannons are relatively fragile however and may be destroyed by any weapon or simply by driving into them with sufficient force.

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