Block Type Block
Weight 0.5
Length Indefinite
Destructible Yes
Interactive No
Version Introduced Alpha 0.01

A Brace is used to attach two points together to stabilize, strengthen, or even create structures.

Properties Edit

Braces have unique functions like:

  • Can be detached from other blocks by mechanical stress.
  • Other blocks can pass freely through braces.
  • Weight is determined by brace number alone: the length of the brace is irrelevant.

Function Edit

Primary Edit

  • Connecting two objects
  • Reinforcing
  • Light connectors

Construction Edit

The Ballast can be used in making of the Ballast Wheel.

Tips Edit

The Brace is very useful in saving mass and part count, as it can replace any length of structural block between the attachment points of essential pieces of your machine.

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