Block Type Weaponry
Weight 0.5
Explosive Yes
Destructible Yes
Interactive No
Version Introduced Alpha 0.01

The Bomb is the most powerful weapon. It can also found on certain stages as traps or as an element of puzzle mechanics.

Function Edit

The bomb is the most powerful ammunition weapon due to its destructive capability and other than explosive rockets and grenades, they are currently the only way to destroy castle walls in Ipsilon Island.

Be wary that the bomb is very fragile and that any problem, shaking or shock, can cause heavy damage to your machine.

The bomb can be used for building kamikaze subtype war machines.

Hazard Edit

Some bombs may be placed conveniently in order to serve as an environment hazard to avoid, or as a challenge element to exploit. It has a mobile homing variation appearing in the Duke's Prototype.

Appearance Edit

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