The Wiki, Besiege Wiki is an unfinished wiki and therefore some information might be missing and incomplete. the aim is to create considerable amount of articles or pages, covering as much information and guides to help reader on how this game works.

Here are the comprehensive list of everything that need to be made to complete this wiki*

  1. All of the pages about every single zones in this game.
  2. More detailed information about parts and game elements filled with primary function and Extended function
  3. Guides for all of the possible creation and mechanism, (Written and Visual)
  4. Bunch of screen caps of in game objects
  5. Extended information about Siege/Utility machines in besiege, including their respective subtypes.
  6. Mechs, this weaponised walker is considerably interesting and might bring tons of readers into interest. a guide with visual aid might be needed.

* There are bunch more things that this wiki might be needed. feel free to add something into this, or maybe write an article about it, we need many help for this small wiki.