Besiege is an Indie physics based simulator where the player is put into a situation where He/She has to build a siege machine to complete each zone's unique objective varying from Survival to Destruction. Besiege is developed and published individually by Spiderling Studios. This game has an Overwhelmingly Positive reputation due to various user positive reviews and has been praised by may Critics and Youtubers such as: PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, and Markiplier. This game is based on the sandbox quality of Legoand many from The European Medieval-Imperialism age following many in-game object inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci's inventions and more medieval technology.

Besiege is Released as a new indie game in 2015, it was released on Steam at 28 January 2015. Besiege can also be purchased directly on it's main page and Humble bundle which will include a steam activation key. The current price of Besiege is USD7.99,-.

Besiege on Steam

Besiege Forum

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