Buoyance Units are used to measure the weight of blocks. To determine the weight of a block in BU, a balancer is needed.

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To the right a simple balancing machine is shown. In this case, we are trying to determine the weight in BUs of the Starting Block.

To do this, we simply push V (default key to have the grabber release the block) and slowly drive away, so the block has no more air below it.

If the block falls to the ground, we have to add strength to the Balloon by using the Wrench tool. Vice versa, if the block floats upwards as soon as the grabber lets go of it, we have to lower the Balloon's strength.

When the block sits still in the air (or moves so slowly that it's negligible) we take the number we input in the balloon and we call it the Buoyance Unit.

In this case, the Starting Block weighs 0.55 BU, as that is the strength needed for the balloon to cancel out gravity's pull on the block.

Bouyance units are very inaccurate due to blocks having different effect upon aerodynamical effect or short, air drift. Block which are calculated may have a slight variation when calculated at a different position.

Calculated Block Weight in Buoyance Units Edit

{The Physic on the ballon are however, very random and usually inaccurate}

  • Starting Block - 0.55
  • Small Wooden Block - 0.61
  • Wooden Block - 0.84
  • Wooden Pole - 0.84
  • Grabber - 0.85
  • Balloon - 0.26
  • Wheel - 1.43

Buoyance Unit to Block Weight Conversion Edit

Weight In Blocks Weight In BU
0.3 Block 0.60-0.63 BU
0.5 Block 0.82-0.86 BU
1 Block 1.56-1.88 BU
2 Block 2.82-3.66 BU

*Number may vary between these

Problems With Measuring Bouyance Units Edit

Bouyance Units are very dificult to measure properly. The physics of Besiege can be random and unpredictable, and the faster the game speed, the less accurate the game can be. Ballons also take time to extend fully, which means that properly testing the bouyance of a block can take even slower. If the balloon does not fully extend before the block is released, the block will fall; the balloon is not able to pull on the block and is instead pulling the rope up.

Further, the randomization of the game's physics engine would require multiple trials of each block. with recorded effects, and then an average of the results which held the block still in the air.

Besiege sometimes has a glitch which causes the edits of block properties to not be registered until the level is started, stopped, and started again. Thus, anyone testing the bouyance of a block should remember to begin and stop once or twice before recoreding results.

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