Argus Ground
Basic info
Island Tolbrynd
Zone 30
Objective Raise and Steal
Version Added v0.23
Special Magical Trap + Only level with moon

The skull of a giant, presumably to be Argus

Argus Ground is a stage contaning 5 giant stone swords and one of them in particular belonged to a giant named Argus. This stage also confirmed the identity of giants in besiege as their remains can be observed from the stage itself.

Objective Edit

The main objective of the game is to raise the giant sword in the center and deliver it to the insignia. the most effective way is to use piston and grabber to pull up the sword. but watch out because pulling up the sword will result in crystal spikes to spawn around the sword and may surprise the player.

These spikes can be easily broken by the player, having qualities much like the breakable stones found around the Tolbrynd. The only setback they really pose is that there is little room to run up and smash them, and you have to clear room for the sword. The sword has the property of destroying the spikes without much force.

This level is also the only level with a moon. Upon examination (by flying beyond the barrier, using the translate tool) the moon is a 2D image with no physics.

Trivia Edit

  • Argus is based on a mythological giant of the same name.
  • When you start, the text at the bottom of the screen that shows up for a while upon starting says "Ancient Site" instead of "Argus Ground"
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