Aerodynamic Propeller
Aerodynamic propeller
Block Type Flight
Weight 0.3
Explosive No
Destructible Yes
Interactive No
Version Introduced v0.01

The Propeller is mainly used to build helicopters. To fly, you can attach it to a spinning block, or to a wheel by using this method. The propeller's vertical force is applied in the direction of the leading edge.

When constructing helicopters it should be noted that if you do not have a counter rotor or other device, the main rotor can cause the helicopter to spin, since some of the rotary force of whatever is pushing the propeller is pushing the vehicle it is attached to, instead. This can be used to make spinning blade designs as both the top and bottom of the machine will spin.

As well as being usable for helicopters. It can also be used as a wing, and it's angle can be changed with modifications, which allows to adjust the lift it generates.

If one wishes to make a single propeller plane. It is required to add a counter rotor, in order not to make the plane spin; the Counter Rotor is also known as a Coaxial Counter Rotating Propeller. However, making multiple engines automatically fixes and mitigates this.


Previous version of the propeller

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