The aerial force engine is similar to the neutral engine in that it requires you to Superposition two Spike Balls objects on an object. When you start the simulation the engine will wildly fling itself through the air. Sometimes the aerial force engine spontaneously fly through the air on contact with an object or even fall through the world. The aerial force engine was discovered by ender_scythe[1].

The aerial force engine is powered by the collision physics to glitch (because there are 2 objects in the same place) and violently react in the opposite direction which then argues between both positions, the end result is a ball of insanity that flings itself around.

Tactics Edit

When using the Aerial Force engine, you are going to have to realize that this is an engine that uses a glitch as propulsion. A good way of using this engine is to put several of them on a pattern that resembles a waffle grid. The best material to use is decouplers as a way of connecting the death-balls together (for the 2 seconds that it would be held together).

The Aerial Force engine is categorized as a Troop-Decimator.